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My Blacklist is an iPhone application that provides a fun and unique way to view and record the relationships with the people around you. By adding positive or negative experiences to people using the rating slider, My Blacklist will automatically organise them into three lists - the blacklist, whitelist and greylist. In addition, My Blacklist ranks people within each list based on the amount of positive or negative experiences you've had with them (see below for a list of rankings).

My Blacklist also features a combined list, sorted alphabetically, to get quick access to your relationships and view everyone's average rating at a glance.

Worried someone might see your lists? Simply enable the password protection option and feel free to hand over your iphone/ipod to others, even if they're on the enemy list!

You may be surprised to find just who your friends are. Maybe you'll find out that your allies are really your enemies, or your rivals are really well-wishers. Who knows, your nemesis may even become your guardian!

But don't stop there, use My Blacklist to rate everything else, like public figures, insects and spiders, food and drinks, even everyday objects that you have positive or negative experiences with. My Blacklist will organise them all for you!


  1. Black List
  2. Grey List
  3. White List
  4. Combined List
  5. History View
  6. Password protection


  • Nemesis
  • Enemy
  • Rival
  • Irritant
  • Associate
  • Well-wisher
  • Ally
  • Guardian

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